The Eggar Forrester Group

Eggar Forrester has been supplying services to the shipping industry since 1820. We have maintained our long standing position among the leading international shipbrokers through passion, positivity and personal service. The group has built up successful subsidiaries including Douglas & Gordon (estate agency), Eggar Forrester Insurance (insurance brokers) and D&G Block Management (residential block management) which are now independent.

C.W. Kellock & Co.

CW Kellock & Co have been the appointed brokers and valuers to the Admiralty Marshal of the Courts of Justice in England and Wales for over 150 years.

Our long standing role in this process has given us enormous experience which we also apply to judicial sales throughout the world.

- "The way the auction was managed was so professional." - Lawyer acting for a buyer

 - "Thank you for all your assistance in achieving the sale of the vessel yesterday in difficult circumstances." - Lawyer acting for mortgagees

 - "Congratulations on setting the standard with the online video conference auction." - Bidder at auction

CW Kellock & Co have recently acted in auctions in over 20 countries on 6 continents, including the USA.