White Heather VI

 “White Heather VI”


 Notice is hereby given that the Admiralty Marshal has sold the ship “White Heather VI” of the port of Whitby, by the order of the Admiralty High Court in an action in rem against the vessel by Grimsby Shipyard Services Limited under reference AD-2022-000014. The gross proceeds of sale of the “White Heather V1” in the sum of £22,000 has been paid into Court.

 The order of priority of the claims against the sale of the ship will not be determined by the Court until after the expiration of 28 days from this notice.

 Any person with a claim against the ship or proceeds of sale thereof, on which he intends to proceed to judgment, should do so before the expiration of the said period.

 Such claims should be directed through the Admiralty Court and NOT by way of application to the Admiralty Marshal.


 P. Farren

4 October 2022

 Admiralty Marshal

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